Beautiful Mess

by gilli moon

Because I am all of it. 
The dark. The light. The edge. The finesse. The artist. The writer. The mother. The entrepreneur.
The beautiful mess is in me, and maybe in you.

An aural binge listening experience with GILLI MOON’s melodic and authentic DOUBLE ALBUM, beautiful mess.

Not just one, but EPIC two volumes - written, performed and produced by Gilli Moon, with select featured artists and writers, beautiful mess includes 12 songs each volume, 4 feisty covers done ‘her way’.

Multiple award-winning Australian singer, songwriter, producer, and unprecedented DIY Indie Music success, this is GILLI MOON’s first studio album in 10 years, and her 8th studio album release and shares all her emotions, good, bad, sad, happy, beautiful and messy, all on display, and all at once. She throws her songs at you like she does paint on a canvas. We hope her sonic textures stick in your ears, hearts and mind and make you feel the beautiful mess in your lives, feel empowered to be YOU and love who you are, no matter how messy life gets. GILLI MOON blurs music boundaries and pushes her listeners while keeping them encased in catchy melodies, emotionally evolving piano ballads, and a continual stream of heart pulsing tracks. Be you a lover of RnB, Pop, Rock or Dance; chances are you’re going to adore what she has to offer.

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beautiful mess encapsulates gilli moon’s victorious 20 year tumultuous evolution as a polymedia artist who continues to push the envelope forging her entrepreneurial music career, as well as venturing into motherhood, in Los Angeles.  Always conceptual in her albums, gilli writes of the zig zag theory of her life story: growing up in an isolated bushland of Australia which toughened her focus and ambition, then arriving in LA to launch her label and successfully release 7 albums with her own strategies from the early millennium dotcom era. Gilli, truly, was a pioneer of being an ‘indie’ artist before it became fashionable. But life on the road for a decade has its ups and downs, and with the complete flip of the music business, gilli went into a creative pause to focus on motherhood of twins. During this time she reinvigorated her coaching for other artists, wrote 2 books, and slowly, at her own pace and time, record exquisite, quintessential ‘gilli moon originals’ that spoke about her journey evolving from that young and feisty warrior artist - to - grown-up mother, creator and entrepreneur.  

This album speaks to the heart and soul of all self-empowered women, and  men who love women, who see their lives and careers mixed with parenthood as messy yet amazing, in all of its beautiful ways. Having twin babies is quite a challenge, and some of the songs will share not only the emotions of being a new mother, but also the struggle of actually conceiving. I also went through quite a journey also with my entrepreneurial pursuits, and the music business in the last 10 years, with all its flaws.  beautiful mess shares all my emotions, good,  bad, sad, happy, beautiful and messy, all on display, and all at once. I throw my songs at you like I paint on a canvas. We hope my sonic textures stick in your ears, hearts and mind. 

The new album, beautiful mess, combines pop beats not out of place on a Dua Lipa album, and juxtapositions of piano, rock, RnB mixed like Madonna, David Bowie, or Lady Gaga. Now and them when you hear a piano solo, you could be thinking it’s Alicia Keys. Be careful, Gilli Moon is a veteran vocal prowess that when drenched in gilli’s penchant for the artistic and the colorful, brings to life an album of fire, beauty and, yes, sometimes messy.

Feel your beautiful mess as you listen to hers.

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Gilli Moon is an Australian, Hollywood-based, singer/songwriter who has a passion for emotional songs, evoking connection, self-introspection, and personal empowerment. One of the first known “Indie Artists” of the millennium, she has pioneered a successful independent music career, with her own record label as well as a champion for thousands of independent artists who follow in her footsteps. She has a string of songwriting awards, cuts, and credits to her 25 year career span.  

Gilli (pronounced as with a “J”) has previously self-released 7 albums, plus many singles and featured on other artist cuts both as a singer and as a songwriter. She has worked with other highly respected prominent artists including Placido Domingo and, opened for Erikah Badu, Rickie Lee Jones, Simple Minds and toured the US with Eric Idle (Monty Python) and for Jeff Buckley Estate. Gilli’s music has been called “smart, sensitive and perceptive in a style all her own,” by Music Connection Magazine, who also called gilli’s live performances “elegant, sophisticated and revealing of the human heart”.  

Her widely distributed creative work, as a singer, songwriter, music producer and visual artist, has garnered the highest praise from thoughtful critics across the globe. praises gilli moon’s genre-melding songwriting prowess as “soft whispers of new age trance building to progressive rock finales,” and Music Connection’s review defines gilli as a rare songwriter who “can take a song any place she wants… singing sweet whispers one minute, and screaming rock the next.”

Jersey Shore writes, “Her music paints a picture of hope, a picture of inner strength", and says, “gilli creates a sound of her own with her powerful voice providing uplifting and catchy melodies…”

“A dynamic performance artist who paints as brilliantly as she sings.“ -

“A female Elton John” - Artists for a Better World

beautiful mess is released as two (2) consecutive volumes

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